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Ingram Associates are leading London fraud investigators  and have a proven track record of success. We regularly provide investigative assistance to solicitors, companies and individuals alike. Cyber based investment fraud is the fastest growing crime in the UK with 3.6 million victims according to recent figures. The victims have lost 11 billion pounds sterling and yet are often left without an adequate response from government organisations.

Since 2010 our analysts have identified and combated emerging patterns of fraud taking a robust and pro-active approach to the investigation of Bank Guarantee, Binary Option, Crypto Currency, Conveyancing and Algorithmic Betting Fraud. Our team comprises of individuals who have experience in financial fraud investigation, law enforcement and forensic accountancy. This experience and wide network of contacts with investigatory bodies and law enforcement departments around the globe enhances their ability to act successfully on your behalf.


National and international experience

We have been able to react quickly to the globalisation of fraud that the Internet and cheap travel allow. The competence of its fraud team has enabled Ingram Associates to successfully conduct some of the most complex international investigations and identify the location of previously misappropriated funds in difficult jurisdictions.

The firm’s investigative expertise has also identified fraudsters’ assets in the United Kingdom which have subsequently been frozen and confiscated. Working in conjunction with some of the foremost UK fraud and litigation lawyers we have identified and recovered significant proceeds of crime and returned them to their lawful owners.


10 years experience in fraud investigation

Since 2010 Ingram Associates’ senior fraud investigators have worked closely with the Insolvency Service, FCA, The Serious Fraud Office and Interpol, to achieve success for their clients.

We are mindful that many of its clients have suffered serious financial hardship as a result of fraudulent acts and have developed an innovative funding model in order that the costs of investigation and recovery action can be made affordable.

Please contact us via our form or by telephone 020 7073 2610 to speak directly to one of our fraud investigators in London for support, help, advice and a detailed assessment of what we can achieve on your behalf.

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