Intellectual Property Investigation

Intellectual Property Investigation

Counterfeit and Illicit trade investigations.

Helping our clients identify the source of counterfeit products is what we do. We have a history of successfully tracking factories around the globe producing counterfeit products which we have located by tracking them back from retail and trade outlets in the UK and Europe. Our success results from the experience and capability of our operatives who have worked internationally for many years. Our ‘on the ground investigators’ are supported by a highly experienced team in our London office together with a proficient cyber team.

We have been helping our clients for over 30 years fighting against the production of counterfeit goods, grey market sales and illicit trades. The economy is governed by intellectual property protections, safety standards, import duties and trade restrictions. However, contrary to this, there is a world of counterfeit goods, grey market sales and illicit trade that completely undermines the requirements under which lawful businesses should operate.

 Although this culture may appear undisciplined, it is highly sophisticated, and causes significant damage to legal enterprises that abide by the rules. The damage that counterfeit goods can cause is immeasurable, tarnishing brand reputations, undermining distribution strategies and causes unfair competition from these untaxed imports which become offered at a discounted price in the market place.

The damage caused by illicit goods can be even more grave, such as substandard car or aero parts and counterfeit medicines. Ingram Associates have global resources in business intelligence and investigations and are positioned to help businesses across the globe penetrate the illicit economy, prevent encroachment, and recover losses. We accomplish this through a rigorous process that begins with mapping the manufacturing and distribution network.


Intellectual Property Investigation

Unauthorised sharing of information

Leaks of confidential information can have huge consequences for an organisation. We have seen within recent years, that as our information networks become more all-encompassing, the opportunity for information leaks has expanded rapidly. When leaks do occur, it is critical to identify the source accurately so that the organisation can respond appropriately.

Determining a leak’s source is a delicate operation, requiring the navigation of legal requirements, employee protections and an organisation’s internal political variation. While it is essential to identify the source of a leak, our team of highly skilled investigators go further to provide an invaluable, detailed audit of the organisation’s information-handling processes and potential weak points.

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