Ingram Associates are specialists and experts in surveillance offering a nationwide service to lawyers, insurance companies, commercial companies, and private clients.

We understand surveillance is not the solution to every enquiry or private investigation. Nevertheless, it is an excellent tool when used appropriately, and in some cases, being the only method of obtaining the required evidence. Ingram Associates have significantly developed their capabilities in undertaking private surveillance assignments throughout the U.K.

Our team of professional private investigators, who have been trained either with special forces or the British police, have vast experience and are capable of working in particularly challenging environments. Using a variety of techniques, our operatives will take covert video recordings and photographs throughout the assignment, or when appropriate. Our teams of professional private investigators are fully trained in the collation of evidence and provide our clients with full reports detailing the periods of surveillance. Our private investigators work successfully, not only in busy cities but also in the quietest rural areas. 

Vehicles and private surveillance equipment

Ingram Associates have all the necessary vehicles and private surveillance equipment, as well as highly trained and experienced male and female operatives to ensure successful outcomes. Our senior partner has over 30 years of experience as an private investigator working as a surveillance operative and managing assignments.

We have:

  • Adapted surveillance vehicles
  • Specialised static surveillance vans
  • London taxis for use in central London
  • Body cams, bag cams and other covert cameras
  • Motorcycles wired with radio
  • We can also use GPS vehicle tracking when appropriate

All activities undertaken by our personnel are managed within the bounds of both civil and criminal law and reflect compliance with a strict code of conduct.

Whatever your requirements, we will provide you with the information you need and maintain regular contact to update you with the latest information throughout any continued surveillance. Should it be necessary our operatives will attend court to give evidence.

Our clients can be assured of complete confidentiality. All private investigations are handled with discretion and professionalism.

Budget limits are agreed with clients at the outset of each assignment.

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