Forfeiture of a Lease

Forfeiture of a lease is the ending of a commercial lease by taking peaceable possession of the commercial property.

This is an effective way to regain possession of commercial property from a tenant who has rent arrears or unpaid insurance premiums. Possession must be taken when the property is unoccupied, usually at night or very early in the morning. A locksmith should be in attendance to change the locks.

Most commercial leases contain a "forfeiture of lease" clause allowing the landlord to forfeit the lease if the tenant breaks certain conditions, usually including the non-payment of rent, or insurance being overdue for a specific period of time.

Should you wish to instruct Ingram Associates to act on your behalf in respect of the forfeiture of a commercial lease, please complete the following "Authority to effect forfeiture" form and forward the same to our administration office at Wadham Chambers, Hardwick, Witney, Oxfordshire OX29 7QE. On receipt of your completed form your instructions will be dealt with efficiently and speedily.

Authority to effect forfeiture Authority to effect forfeiture (891 KB)

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