Case Studies : Arrest of a Criminal

Investigation case study

A renowned Lebanese gun-runner who gambled heavily at Ingram Associates’ client’s casino had run up a debt in excess of a million pounds.

Although the club had obtained judgement and subsequently served bankruptcy proceedings on the subject in Paris, he had not attended his bankruptcy hearing. The court issued an order for the subject’s arrest as a result of his contempt of court. Due to the nomadic life style of the subject, the club’s solicitors had extreme difficulty in effecting service and bringing him to court. The club who had previously instructed Ingram Associates in another matter, briefed them in this case, and with the warrant for the subject’s arrest, Ingram Associates proceeded to track down the subject.

This was no easy task as the subject had no fixed abode and only visited the U.K. from time to time, staying in London hotels. The club could not supply a photograph for identification purposes. Furthermore Ingram Associates was dealing with a notorious and very dangerous individual who had the reputation of “knee capping” or worse, of anyone who stood in his way.

Ingram Associates was able to recruit two former croupiers who could identify the subject. They assisted the surveillance teams and after two weeks surveillance, a car chase across central London and a gun fight with the police, brought the subject to ground. He was later sentenced to a long period in prison and the club was able to recover the debt.

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Investigation case study

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Investigation case study


Investigation case study

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Investigation case study

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