Private Survaillance

Investigative Surveillance

Ingram Associates have been conducting surveillance operations on behalf of clients for 45 years.

What sets Ingram Associates apart from other organisations is our level of expertise. Every Ingram surveillance operative has received training and conducted operations on behalf of either the British military or Police service, dealing with terrorists and organised crime. As a result of this thorough training and extensive operational experience our teams achieve excellent results where others fail.

Surveillance investigations

Surveillance can be an excellent source of evidence gathering when correctly used. Our operational planners will talk you through every available option and tactic in order that you, the client, can make informed decisions as to the best way to proceed.

We offer numerous physical and technical options as well as operatives specialising in, and highly skilled at, working in both urban and rural areas. No problem is too difficult.

Insurance Companies

We have extensive experience working on behalf of insurance companies investigating false and fraudulent injury claims. We regularly succeed where other companies have failed whilst still offering competitive market rates.

private surveillance equipment

Compliant and completely confidential

All activities undertaken by our personnel are managed within the bounds of both civil and criminal law and reflect compliance with a strict code of conduct.

At the conclusion of your operation you will receive a high quality written report and evidential photographs configured in the requested format for your investigation.

Whatever your requirements, we will provide you with the information you need and maintain regular contact to update you with the latest information throughout any continued surveillance. Should it be necessary our operatives will attend court to give evidence.

Our clients can be assured of complete confidentiality. All private investigations are handled with discretion and professionalism with budget limits agreed at the outset of each assignment.

Let’s get to work

If you would like to discuss your private surveillance or investigative objectives in further detail, please do get in touch via the contact form or by telephone on

01865 301 779. Our private investigators will be on hand to help you uncover and resolve your case in a swift, covert and effective manner.

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