Rise in Crypto Currency Fraud

‘Our fraud investigation team continue to be extremely busy but Ady managed to tear himself away from his computer for long enough to tell me that they are incredibly concerned by the rise in frauds centered around crypto currency.

He said “Unfortunately we are seeing more and more people who have been defrauded under the guise of investing in Crypto. People must be aware of the risks and that this is a completely unregulated investment. Literally the financial equivalent of the Wild West brought into your living room via the internet.

“There is fraud wherever people believe that there are investment opportunities but Crypto in particular gives rise to these types of offences because of it’s complexity and the ability of the offenders to blind investors with technical jargon coupled with a lack of regulation. I would advise everyone not to invest in Crypto unless they were 100% certain of what they are doing and were in contact with other independent customers who have invested and importantly recovered funds rather than just showing the numbers in their account, we have seen numerous examples of these numbers being meaningless as investors have been unable to withdraw funds”.

“We are trying to compile a safe Crypto investment strategy but it is an incredibly difficult task, even with over 30 years fraud investigation experience”.

” To assist a live investigation we are keen to talk to anybody who has lost money to Crypto companies or individuals using the following contact details:




Telephone numbers

Finally Ady said “I would like to advise all victims of fraud to report the matter via the ‘Action Fraud’ website that has recently been much improved – you may not receive a direct response but it does assist government agencies in identifying macro fraud trends and money launderers.


Rise in Frauds