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In need of a highly experienced Process Server?

Senior Partners of Ingram Associates, John and Anne Ingram have over 30 years of experience and knowledge in serving legal documents and the necessary consequential preparation of witness statements or affidavits for clients across the UK and overseas.

When instructing Ingram Associates, papers will be served quickly and efficiently by a team of servers on 24 hour stand by to ensure there are no unnecessary delays in the legal process.

'We promise a fast and efficient service to each and everyone of our clients!'

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What is involved in Process Serving?

Process serving includes an assortment of tasks such as managing legal papers and serving legal documents. The main role of a Process Server is to deliver or "serve" legal documents on a defendant, respondent, other person or company involved in a court case. There are various rules regarding the service of different documents. Certain documents must be personally served especially court orders endoserd with a Power of Arrest or Penal Notice. Other documents can be served by sub-service or letterbox.


Experienced with foreign legal documents

We also have considerable experience in serving foreign legal documents and preparing affidavits which normally require to be sworn in front of a Notary Public. If necessary we can also arrange for the documentation to be translated into the appropriate language.

We've worked with a number of Blue Chip clients

We welcome publicly funded matters and are able to offer a nation-wide service. We have considerable experience acting for major solicitor clients and have worked with a number of “blue chip” clients including banking and credit/charge card service providers and are able to receive either single urgent instructions or bulk service of less urgent documents.


Over 30 successful years of experience

Our years of experience have enabled us to build a dependable network of agents to ensure a prompt and reliable turnaround of all instructions and are able to offer a first class competitive and efficient service. Urgent documents are charged on a time and mileage basis. Fees for bulk service contracts are by negotiation.

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